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Bolling: Grit makes us great

Editor’s note: The Next is excerpted from Eric Bolling’s new book, “wake up The Us: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why we’d like Them more than Ever” (St. Martin’s Press, June 28, 2016). It’s reprinted with permission.


noun ‘grit

(1.) psychological longevity and braveness

—Merriam-Webster’s definition

(1.)  an archaic descriptor denoting male-chauvinist microag- gression in the type of an oppressive, traditionalist/individualist approach to adversity

(2.)  a hardness of persona that renders individuals unsuitable members of a progressive, collectivist society

—A Leftist’s definition

In Case Your choice is fastened, I do not counsel you to despair. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Nice works are performed not with the aid of energy, However perseverance.

— Samuel  Johnson

I hate the query, “What’s the secret of your success?” There’s No secret to being a success. Ask anyone who is a hit and they will say some version of the same factor—perseverance, psychological longevity, or my personal favorite: grit.

Grit is getting up over and over after being knocked down to proceed the combat. Grit goes over, around, or straight thru barriers to achieve your goals—no matter how a lot it hurts to do so. Grit is the power to try, fail, and rebuild your- self in a nation of endless potentialities. Grit is the soul of the American spirit.

But in our society, we value grit much less day by day. Due To radical Leftists, the liberal media, and collectivist stalwarts train- ing our children at all instructional ranges, “grit” is no longer consid- ered an essential component of success—or of the American character. We price our non-public safety and our personal liberty, However they’re now not the identical thing. Infrequently, the freedoms we revel in under non-public liberty can shake the foundations of our personal safety.

Here’s the object: to be gritty and hard, you need to take dangers, and by definition with chance comes the potential of failure—a scarcity of security. The grit is available in when you fail, get again up, mud yourself off, and keep trying, as many times as it takes for you to get the job accomplished. That’s why grit is such an integral part of the American personality. We’ve all the time been a men- tally tricky folks—as a result of we needed to be. You Could’t survive slavery or courageous weeks on a rickety ship on the Atlantic with- out some serious grit, people.

Grit, alternatively, is anathema to liberals. Gritty, free-pondering electorate are harder to regulate. Oh, certain, liberals like to spout happy talk about perseverance and the American Dream, However they’re doing everything They Are Able To to ensure there is only one path to this dream: via the federal government. What they don’t understand is that if the federal government is the way in which, it if truth be told isn’t the American Dream anymore. For The Reason That American Dream is ready building something for your self, no longer about being surpassed something through somebody else, particularly not a bloated, inefficient, deck-stacking govt.

Liberals, by using nature, simply aren’t ok with possibility. The dirty little secret of liberalism is that, as a minimum in as of late’s type, it’s now not liberal in any respect. Liberals don’t need “liberty.” They Are Able To’t handle the messiness of real democracy in a dynamic republic. As A Substitute of permitting person voters to pave their own way in existence, liberals want a bunch of technocratic “experts” to decide what is best for the rest of us.

So, it is very so much in the Left’s interests for the citizenry to be comfortable, docile, and obedient. That’s why liberals have spent decades placing forth what I From Time To Time name the “softness doctrine,” which tells Americans that the ideal individual is conformist, collectivist, and wanting executive help in just about each side of life.

Recall To Mind the 2012 Obama campaign’s “Lifetime Of Julia” nonsense as the perfect example. This slideshow tells the existence story of the fictional cartoon character “Julia” and the way she benefited from a benevolent government actually from cradle to grave.1

It’s additionally perfect nonsense. Do you assume it was once an accident that the Obama group created a caricature to inform this story? It’s fitting that the story is advised in the identical media type as a Disney fairy tale, because Julia’s lifestyles is simply as a lot a myth as Cinderella’s or Snow White’s. It’s the Joe Camel of political ads.

This Is how they spread the “softness doctrine.” Our govern- ment, media, and academia are brainwashing every body—especially our children—into being delicate blobs of fragile self-esteem, all within the identify of “progressivism.”

As they do with masculinity itself, lately’s liberals deal with grit like an anachronism from a time when people hadn’t evolved sufficient to live in the progressive paradise that they consider is simply around every corner. Grit is senseless. You don’t have to be mentally tough, as a result of in case you have a problem, a supposedly benevolent executive will maintain it for you—and take care of you.

While this cotton candy philosophy may make sense to sopho- moric faculty students and sheltered media elites, those of us who’ve fought within the trenches of our personal lives, the worldwide economic system, and the nation’s politics recognize higher. Which You Can’t shop everybody, and while you try to do so, you find yourself doing rather more harm than good.

This isn’t only a social downside—though it most unquestionably is that—additionally it is an economic and national security downside. Do you assume China and Russia will take a seat again and allow us to continue to be probably the most powerful nation on the earth when we’re too soft to struggle for market share—or even our place of birth?

As a nation, we need to toughen up, stop whining, and get to work.

Copyright © 2016 by way of the writer and reprinted by means of permission of St. Martin’s Press.

Eric Bolling at present serves as co-host of Fox Information Channel’s “The Five” (weekdays 5-6PM/ET). He also serves As The host of “Cashin’ In” (Saturdays 11:30AM-12PM/ET), an diagnosis software on FNC’s weekend trade block, “the price of Freedom.” Bolling joined the community in 2008. Click On Here for more data on Eric Bolling. 

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