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Fear of January and reviving Egyptian Jihadism

General Abdel Fattah el-SisiIn View That Mubarak’s oppressive deep state toppled the January 25 Revolution on 3 July 2013, it has been residing in Concern, now not handiest because It Is an unpopular trade aiming to create compelled or voluntary servitude methods, but in addition as a result of it has grow to be
a chronic illness that has become intrinsic to the coup. The Process of rebuilding the wall of Concern that crumbled after the January revolution used to be very costly, because it affected the worried system of the same repressive police state.

With the appearance of the fifth anniversary of the January revolution, the degrees of Fear and terror rose amongst the regime, as the safety companies intensified their precautionary measures and performed standard arrest campaigns, arresting someone
anti-coup. Alternatively, the state of issue and panic dominating the military-police mentality is causing it to be unable to take into account the developments and shifts Within The anti-coup tactics. The state continues to prohibit peaceable demonstrations and protests,
bearing in mind them dangerous militant actions, but It’s no longer in a position to figuring out the deep trends and adjustments taking place inside the groups, who view the phase of peacefulness as old-fashioned, and who moved from peaceable rebel to innovative
violence and then to jihad.

It does no longer appear that the January 25 Revolution’s fifth anniversary will witness great Common uprisings, however this must worry the repressive police authority. The Egyptian situation is different to its Tunisian counterpart, which didn’t witness
a blatant coup. In The case of the Tunisians, their Common protest Motion was once natural to proper the path of the revolution Within The context of achieving a democratic transition. Their calls for will not be restricted to freedom, as they are seeking to integrate their
freedom with justice and dignity.

As for the Egyptian case, It Is on the verge of resolving its options in a more radical method. After the January 25 anniversary Egypt will face rebellious and bloody options that range from innovative violence to jihad. There Is No doubt that the
new wave of violence in Egypt will not be just like the earlier wave of violence that happened In The 1980s and Nineteen Nineties, as the new Egyptian jihadism shall be extra unhealthy, more lethal and more popular.

The coup’s safety mentality nonetheless insists on adopting an eliminatory coverage towards the January revolution forces and continues to use anti-terror discourse to discourage rebellion. On The Other Hand, it does not think about the strategy of utilising
much less extremist teams to combat the extra radical groups. The state believes that by means of labelling the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists and persevering with to categorise the agency as a terrorist employer On The Grounds That 25 December 2013, it is going to intimidate all
the opposite rebellious groups. Alternatively, relying on this tactic could have been in part imaginable if the government had finished a democratic transition Within The context of a merger course of according to the theory of moderation and the creation of a non-political
Islamic development in a position to creating hope that diffuses extremism.

Despite the operations of systematic murder and legalised detention committed towards leaders of the Brotherhood, the workforce remains adhered to its peaceful way. Alternatively, this has not pushed the coup-led government to rethink its choice. The
conceitedness of the armed forces and safety establishments has pushed them to imagine that they are capable of maintaining security and offering balance. The calcified establishment did not notice that the Brotherhood’s position on separating peacefulness
and de-legitimisation from violence is what kept Egypt from falling into a state of violence and chaos, along with the emergence of jihadist actions with totally different techniques.

Underneath Al-Sisi’s rule, the Muslim Brotherhood, with the method of the fifth January 25 Revolution anniversary, is on the verge of figuring out its options because it did Throughout Abdel Nasser’s technology. However, it’ll occur Under different situations.
While the Brotherhood had dominated the Islamic scene Throughout Abdel Nasser’s rule, All Over Al-Sisi’s rule, the Brotherhood is most effective one of the most gamers In The area, because the Islamic scene in Egypt includes many rivals.

If the older, foreign leaderships are dedicated to the peaceful choice, the youthful leaders at residence have lost their endurance. There had been heated debates during the last two years inside the Brotherhood which have resulted In The prominence of two Brotherhood
developments on opposite sides of the spectrum. One side adopts violent modern confrontational tactics, While the other relies on the idea of non-violence.

With the growth of despair, frustration and hopelessness in exchange, and the continuing acts of oppression and torture dedicated towards the Islamic Motion in Egypt, the youthful generation has develop into more radical and the issue of the Brotherhood’s
adolescence turning to a more innovative manner is now not far-fetched. This Will create a well-liked environment more accepting and supportive of violence and the jihadist ideology.

After acts of revenge committed by the government took on primitive forms following the coup, teams such because the Molotov Motion, Ignite Movement, Magholeen Movement, Execution Motion, Helwan Brigades and others which don’t have any affect as opposed to creating
chaos, launched acts of revenge in opposition to the police and thugs as well as setting hearth to police automobiles.

The Islamic innovative state took many paths against clearer and more dependent organisational constructions, and the Al-Eqab Al-Thawri crew is regarded as an instance of the skilled development. It declared its presence in January 2015, to coincide
with the revolution’s fourth anniversary, bearing in mind itself a legitimate extension of the revolution.

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Due To The Fact its institution, the group performed over 170 assaults in Sixteen municipalities. Right Through the identical time, Al-Muqawama Al-Shaabiya Movement emerged, and so they issued tapes and songs along with statements and speeches made by means of Al-Eqab Al-Thawri equivalent
to the type of Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s defense force wing.

The shifts against radicalism aren’t limited to the Brotherhood youth, as Salafist progressive groups such as the Ahrar Motion, which emerged in 2012.

The Selections made via the Muslim Brotherhood’s youth have turn out to be extra radical. The statements made through the adolescence on the internet have transform extra violent relating to discourse, as the youth spokesperson appointed by way of the staff in 2015, who goes by means of the
pseudonym Muhammad Muntasser, makes use of radical progressive language. In one of his statements, he known as for “a revolution that beheads the rotting our bodies.” There Have Been also statements issued through sharia students nearer to the Brotherhood calling
for resisting the state through all manner, and 159 students signed a document known as Nida Al-Kinana which said the need to withstand the Egyptian government, taking into account the government an enemy of Islam and working to “do away with the government by means of all
reputable method”.

The Muslim Brotherhood supported this record, and in this context, a number of spiritual books and research emerged supporting violent motion against the state. One Of The Vital vital books that emerged used to be titled “Jurisprudence of Fashionable Resistance to the Coup”,
published with the aid of a non secular committee partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood in early 2015. It Is supported by means of the Brotherhood’s revolutionary faction.

It Appears the unconventional Islamists’ progressive choices are diverse at this time, ranging from quite a lot of mental and ideological procedures from the Brotherhood to Salafism and Jihadism, including its harmony, radical and enabling techniques.

In The context of the competitors and conflict relating to jihadist representation between Al-Qaeda and Daesh, a number of Egyptian jihadist groups that identified with Al-Qaeda’s ideology emerged. The Al-Murabitoon group is thought to be the newest
model of this, because the group emerged after equivalent groups failed to ascertain a department base and suffered dismantlement and dissolution after a number of security blows. Probably The Most distinguished of those teams is the Infantrymen of Egypt (Ajnad Misr) team,
which publically emerged on 24 January 2014, and issued numerous statements taking duty for a series of militia operations.

This workforce grew vulnerable and suffered fragmentation after the murder of its leader and founder, Humam Muhammad, at the hands of the protection forces. Even If the Motion mourned the loss of its leader on 9 April 2015 and appointed a new leader, Ezz Al-Din
Al-Masri, as successor to Magd Eddine Al-Masry, who also carried out some operations, the enterprise has turn out to be a shadow of its former self.

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Al-Murabitoon is the brand new version of the Egyptian Jihadist “Al-Qaedaist” teams. It introduced its emergence thru a video titled “the day the believers will rejoice”, which it posted on the internet on 21 July 2015.

The video includes a voice recording of its leader, Hisham Ali Ashmawi (also known as Abu Omar Al-Muhajir Al-Masri). Meanwhile, Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis emerged Within The public on 5 February 2011. It Is an international jihadist staff that performed many
operations against Egypt and Israel. After the military coup, the crew’s ideology step by step shifted from giving precedence to the confrontation of the some distance enemy, i.e. Israel, to giving precedence to confronting the close to enemy, i.e. the Egyptian military
and safety businesses.

The workforce pledged its allegiance to Daesh and its chief, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in November 2014, and now operates Under the name Wilayet Sinai.

For This Reason, Egypt has entered the era of “Jihad”, as the well-liked incubators are ready to supply security nets and protection, as well as fortify radical options. Egypt is now following Within The footsteps of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, and the
Islamist groups at the moment are competing to draw angry revolutionaries whose choices and strategies are heading in opposition to local and international jihad. The Method of setting apart, trapping and weakening the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt contributed to the emergence
of an Egyptian Islamist Jihadist narrative that is more based and adherent to the limits of the existential conflictual relationship with the Egyptian coup-led government.

Translated from Arabi21, 24 January 2016.

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