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'Game Of Thrones' Season 5, Episode 4 Review: Sons Of The Harpy

Spoilers via Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’ Follow.

In some ways, tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones could also be the most important episode within the express to this point.

I say this as a result of two conversations we Have Been aware about, the primary between Littlefinger and Sansa, and the 2nd between Barristan and Dany.

The Tourney at Harrenhal

Littlefinger finds Sansa in the crypts of Winterfell, close to the grave of her aunt Lyanna. We’re reminded of a an identical scene way back between Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. They talked of Lyanna then, too.

Littlefinger describes to Sansa a tourney he attended when he used to be youthful. On The tourney, Ser Barristan “The Daring” Selmy faced off against Rhaegar Targeryen

He describes how Rhaegar wins the joust—proving what an amazing knight he should have been provided that Barristan is known as the most efficient fighter of the age—and then bypasses his wife, Elia Martell (Oberyn’s sister, who he wanted to avenge ultimate season) and items a wreath of Iciness roses to Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark’s sister.

This regardless of his spouse, additionally in attendance, and despite the fact that Lyanna was betrothed to Robert who additionally fought in the tourney. We Are given a glimpse at this long-dead prince, and in Littlefinger’s telling he is a valiant knight and a romantic—Though Not very variety to his Dornish wife.

Sansa replies with the prevalent narrative, the one Robert used to justify his Insurrection—that Rhaegar then abducted Lyanna a yr later and raped her. Littlefinger doesn’t reply. But there’s an odd, knowing seem to be on his face, as if he doesn’t imagine it for a second.

Who Is Rhaegar Targaryen?

Game of Thrones S5E4 8

For non-e-book-readers That Is seriously essential back-story. For e-book readers, holy crap we eventually have this incredibly vital piece of again-story offered to the exhibit. Just because the exhibit begins to stray into uncharted territory, we begin to see the most important items from Martin’s books finally clicking together.

However this isn’t the one moment we hear concerning the prince. Some Distance off in Meereen, Barristan himself begins to talk to Dany about her domestic. He brings up the Mad King and Dany responds with the lies of her brother, Viserys, pronouncing she won’t believe the lies of the Usurper.

They’re Not lies, Barristan chides her. Her father was the Mad King No Longer Simply in name, However in deed. Her eldest brother, Rhaegar, on the other hand was an ideal man. He used to be great at killing Folks, Dany says—But once more, Barristan corrects her. He hated killing Individuals, But he cherished taking part in tune.

He tells of how The 2 of them would go out and pan-deal with, the usage of the money they’d earn to present to charity, or get drunk. Over Again we’re given the portrait of a excellent man, But Now Not Only A gifted knight. Rhaegar was once also a musician, and something of a roguish character. What prince goes out pan-dealing with?

Robert’s Rebellion

The necessary thing to bear in mind here is that it used to be Rhaegar’s “abduction” of Lyanna that sparked Robert’s Riot. It wasn’t Ned Stark losing both his father and brother to the Mad King’s cruelty, Though that Certainly helped encourage the young Lord Stark to assist his pal.

Indirectly, Robert killed Rhaegar, and up so far we think that this was once a Just action, that Robert was off rescuing his cherished, toppling the evil Mad King and his kidnapping, rapist prince.

Now now we have to query this narrative. We take into account that Robert Now Not as some valiant knight or great king, But as a whoring, fats, careless, wretched king who mistreated his queen and left bastards everywhere King’s Touchdown. Robert used to be a man of serious appetites and bad judgment. Now we see that Rhaegar was once a noble, variety, and neatly-cherished prince—a A Ways cry from his father, and certain a significantly better man than Robert.

Now Not unintentionally, we actually have a scene On The Wall the place Stannis and his wife, Selyse, examine Jon Snow training within the yard. Selyse reminds Stannis that he’s Only A bastard from some wench Ned Stark bedded in the struggle. “In All Probability,” Stannis replies, “However that used to be by no means Ned Stark’s means.”

That’s reasonably the juxtaposition of again-story and commentary, when you ask me. Holy crap.

the person Who would be King

Game of Thrones S5E4 2

Stannis is actually given one of the most most interesting scenes in all the episode, a scene that justifies my deep admiration for his character and helps chisel away some of his stony exterior and expose an actual human underneath.

The express has always offered him as colder and more merciless than I Discovered him in the books. It seems we’re rebalancing a little now, with Stannis as a so much nobler and more likable figure.

When his daughter, Shireen Baratheon, comes into his learn about at Fort Black, she tells him she’s bored. “My father at all times stated boredom used to be an indication of a scarcity of inside instruments,” Stannis chides her. “Were you bored loads, too?” she quips again. I Admire Shireen, too, I must add. Workforce Shireen right here.

This banter offers solution to a much more severe dialog. Shireen admits that her mom, the nutty Selyse, didn’t want her to return. “How do you know that?” Stannis asks. “Because she informed me ‘I don’t want you to return,’” Shireen replies. “She shouldn’t have said that,” Stannis says, his protective heckles rising.

Then Shireen asks her father if he’s ashamed of her. Stannis rises from his desk, and tells the story of how Shireen obtained greyscale, the illness that mutilated half of of her face. A Dornish dealer sold him a doll Simply after Shireen was born—a little bit wooden doll with a gown sewn within the colors of House Baratheon.

Shireen would nuzzle the doll with her cheek as a baby, Stannis tells her, and by the time they realized That Is the place the greyscale got here from and burned the doll (I Feel there’s importance here with the burning of the doll, and later all the burning of guys Stannis partakes in) it used to be too late. Everybody mentioned she was once going to die, or struggle on for a while prior to death a horrible loss of life. Greyscale is slightly like the game of Thrones version of leprosy, I believe. People informed Stannis to ship Shireen to the ruins of Valyria to live with the stone-men.

But Stannis would hear nothing of it. He despatched out phrase, introduced in all of the Maesters and healers he might to find, and so they managed to stop the greyscale’s unfold and retailer Shireen’s existence.

“Because You didn’t belong across the world with the bloody stone-males,” he tells her. “You Are The princess Shireen of the home Baratheon and you’re my daughter.”

I admit, I get a bit teary Just typing the words out. In a world the place youngsters are often Simply tools for his or her homes and bargaining chips within the “Sport” or spoiled and horrific, right here we have now authentic affection. Fierce affection, actually, the type we haven’t viewed a lot of due to the fact that Ned and Catelyn died. And we see a excellent man in Stannis, a man who would be a Some Distance better king than his brother Robert, or the wicked Joffrey, or the hapless Tommen.

The Boy King

Game of Thrones S5E4 1

Talking of  Tommen, King’s Touchdown is spinning out of keep watch over now that Cersei sits on the Iron Throne. Oh certain, she isn’t in fact ruling, But she principles within the king’s identify. And without Tywin round to be smarter than her, and along with her uncle Kevan back in Casterly Rock, Cersei is already making a large number of issues despite the fact that she thinks she’s being moderately suave.

She’s armed the faith Militant, inserting enormous power within the Fingers of the (seemingly affable) High Sparrow. She’s completed this out of petty vengeance in an try and weaken Margaery Tyrell, Tommen’s wife and queen.

She’s keeping apart Margaery, first by means of sending away her father, the doltish Lord Tyrell, to negotiate with the Iron Bank of Braavos.

“The small council grows smaller and smaller,” Grand-Maester Pycell observes.

“No Longer sufficiently small,” Cersei fires again.

Game of Thrones S5E4 7

Worse, Cersei has Margaery’s brother, Loras Tyrell, arrested by using the Sparrows and hauled off to the dungeons. For the crime of being gay, something we’ve considered a lot of tolerance to up up to now in Westeros. Certainly, the scenes the place the non secular zealots exit breaking into brothels, and punishing especially the homosexuals in King’s Landing, are quite unsettling. Ser Loras, the Knight of the Plant Life, being arrested in wide daylight hours is one thing the King must never stand for.

So Margaery persuades Tommen to rescue her brother—he is the king in the end—However she hasn’t realized but Simply how vulnerable this kinder youthful brother of Joffrey truly is.

When he goes to confront the Excessive Sparrow, his King’s Guard in tow, he’s stopped on the steps of the High Sept. The Crowd hurls insults at him, calling him an abomination. He buckles, runs off with his tail between his legs. Say what you are going to about Joffrey, but when he’d still been king he’d have painted the steps Crimson with the blood of Sparrows. Tywin would never have allowed the fans into the city.

Silly Cersei. Sweet, weak, cowardly Tommen. This isn’t going to end well. Tommen doesn’t rescue Loras, and Margaery goes to put in writing the Queen of Thorns, the wonderful and lethal Girl Olenna of Home Tyrell. The closing time Olenna had a hand in politics, the Lannisters paid oh-so-very dearly.

Sand Snakes and Golden Fingers

Game of Thrones S5E4 3

Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister and Bronn are venturing south, into Dorne. I always pictured Dorne as the Westerosi identical of Spain, But in HBO’s rendition it appears to be like extra like Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly the guards Jaime and Bronn first come across appear extra like Arabs than Spaniards, even though Oberyn struck me as decidedly Spanish.

Oh smartly. Suffice to assert, Dorne is a hotter climate with spicy Pink wine and turbans and the one Westerosi feudal kingdom to Not have a mere lord at its head, However a Prince. Dorne was once loyal to the Targaryens However there’s no love misplaced between them and the Lannisters. Oberyn used to be in King’s Landing to precise his vengeance on Tywin Lannister and his vassal Ser Gregore Clegane for the homicide of Elia Martell, Oberyn’s sister and Rhaegar’s wife, and her children. The Mountain killed all of them, and raped Elia, and Oberyn deserved justice.

It used to be not to be, unfortunately. All Of Us remember that that episode. Now Ellaria Sand, Oberyn’s paramour, and his bastard daughters the Sand Snakes, plot their own revenge. They Need a war with the weakened Lannisters, and they aim to use Tommen’s sister Myrcella, who Tyrion sent to Dorne some time back, to spark that warfare. Oberyn’s brother, prince Doran, wants neither war nor any hurt to come to the lady. Or, at the least, that’s what he’s told Ellaria.

Jaime and Bronn have some good moments on this episode, speaking about how they’d wish to die and be remembered over a meal of freshly cooked snake. They combat off the Dornish guards, Although Jaime is a awful left-surpassed fighter and simplest barely makes it out alive.

The Sand Snakes are additionally introduced, and while we get a just right image of Simply how ruthless and badass these ladies are, we don’t get far more than that…for now. I’m really curious to see how this new, altered version of Dorne and the events in Dorne play out.


Game of Thrones S5E4

We get a few extra attention-grabbing scenes.

The Crimson Girl, Melisandre, attempts to seduce Jon. I think she thinks that if he breaks one vow, he’ll spoil any other and be extra likely to settle for Stannis’s offer. He’ll have nothing of it; he still loves Ygritte. Rebuffed, she heads to the door ahead of turning. “You Understand nothing, Jon Snow,” she says. Jon is clearly unsettled.

Tyrion and Jorah head towards Meereen, the direction Tyrion was once already he headed the Imp factors out to his captor. After a conversation by which Tyrion proves as soon as again how suave he is by using deducing Jorah’s identity, the rundown knight shuts Tyrion up the one manner he knows how: With the back of his hand.

And in Meereen, we see the titular Sons of the Harpy descend upon Dany’s forces, ambushing the Unsullied and her mercenaries in tight corridors and crowded markets. The Identical prostitute that’s been serving to the Sons of the Harpy does so again right here. I Wonder where that goes.

It seems obtrusive that the struggle-hardened Unsullied merely have little or no experience or ability in combating city guerrilla conflict. It’s Not that they’d be outmatched in a straight-up fight, However when ambushed and overwhelmed by using advanced numbers, out of formation, they merely can’t dangle their very own.

This leads to our ultimate scene, a very epic battle that leads very nearly to the loss of life of Grey Worm. We finally see Just how superior Gray Worm is in fight, However even he’s about to fulfill his maker when assist arrives in the type of Barristan Selmy. Viewers, and readers of this column, who have been disenchanted with the aid of Barristan’s lack of awesomeness get that right here. The knight is a power to be reckoned with, wielding his broadsword two-handed and cleaving through the masked Sons of the Harpy.

But even he can’t do it on my own, and barely avoids a cut throat thanks to the well timed spear thrust of Grey Worm. The 2 males save one every other and then cave in, and we pan out over a corridor of corpses, and the credits roll. Barristan has been stabbed multiple instances. I’m a bit of involved that he received’t survive.


All instructed, an amazing episode stuffed with revelations and surprises, nice action and fantastic drama. I’m excited to look the back story start to emerge in earnest, one thing I’ve been wondering about for years. And I Like the rising stress all across Westeros and beyond.

I’m involved about Sansa, Though Littlefinger printed his plans to her this episode—that she can be rescued and propped up by Stannis, that Littlefinger is betting on Stannis’ victory and the downfall of the Boltons.

My best query on hearing this, is why No Longer Simply carry Sansa to Stannis in an instant? Is he maintaining his options as open as that you can imagine, Sansa’s safety be damned? That appears the in all probability case, particularly as he heads again to King’s Landing on Cersei’s beckoning.

I’m Wondering what his reaction might be when he finds the Sparrows have taken so much regulate. No Doubt that may’t bode neatly for Lord Baelish.

Both approach, I’m truly enjoying this season and may’t look ahead to next Sunday. Though it’s also a bit arduous to abdomen the fact that we’re virtually midway throughout the season already.


Replace: Some commenters and different folk are announcing Barristan is dead. I Think No Longer. Why have Gray Worm store him At The final second if he’s Just dead anyways? He’s passed out from his wounds However he’ll be tremendous. Deep breaths Individuals.

Update 2: Oh wait. Perhaps I spoke too quickly.

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