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'Game Of Thrones' Season 5, Episode 7 Review: 'The Gift'

Spoilers via Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’ Follow.

We come to tonight’s episode of Recreation of Thrones—”The Gift”—on the heels of final week’s horrifying rape scene, only to seek out that some time has handed, and Sansa is in in all probability even more dire straits than we realized.

She is locked in her room when Reek brings her meals. Bruises quilt her hands. She begs The Person who was as soon as Theon to lend a hand her, makes him promise to light a candle Within The tower so that somebody will come to save lots of her.

But as a substitute he goes to his grasp, Ramsay.

If You happen to be one of the many Game of Thrones viewers who has sworn off the show after last week’s episode—like the Mary Sue and various different confused dissidents—you will have missed all of this.

It’s horrifying stuff, the way the convey gifts marital abuse and rape as actually awful. It’s scary, too, that so many viewers would decide to No Longer watch or talk about the show over this subject, because it’s an awfully actual, human issue that folks face In The modern world as well as Westeros.

These viewers will also have neglected probably the most best possible episodes of the season, an episode that united statesthe ante relatively a lot, ratcheting up the strain, and setting in motion events with a view to elevate us into what I Suspect will be a harrowing remaining three episodes of Season 5.

GoT S5E7 8

Oh well. That’s their loss. For those less truthful-weather lovers, there’s plenty to like about “The Present.”

In The North, three tales commence to play out.

Fortress Black

Jon Snow heads off to search out the Wildlings in order that he can bring them south of the Wall to help battle The Military of the lifeless and repel the White Walkers when (and if?) they in fact come. This leaves Sam by myself with Gilly, a loss of life Aemon.

On his deathbed, Aemon study’s Gilly’s Child, likens him to his personal little brother “Egg.” That Is Aegon, who would turn out to be king when Aemon refused the Iron Throne. Aegon is without doubt one of the titular characters in Martin’s Dunk & Egg stories. He’s the grandfather of Aerys II, the “Mad King” who killed Ned Stark’s older brother and father, and who Jaime Lannister killed (incomes him the nickname “Kingslayer.”) This Also makes Aegon the great-grandfather of Daenerys Targaryen, and Aemon her nice-grand-uncle.

Upon his demise, The Only recognized Targaryen left alive is Dany herself, Though there are questions of lineage yet to be resolved.

Sam is left alone with adverse Crows. At one point two of them try to rape, or At The Least harass, Gilly. Sam stands up for her, tries very unsuccessfully to battle them off. He’s overwhelmed badly, But doesn’t back down (Go Sam!) and virtually without a doubt would had been killed if Ghost hadn’t all of sudden showed up.

Which strikes a chord in my memory, why haven’t we considered any direwolves nowadays? Now Not best Ghost—and why isn’t Ghost with Jon?—But any direwolves in any respect. I really wish Arya’s wolf, Nymeria wasn’t lower from the exhibit, and that we’d see one of the vital Brotherhood With Out Banners. C’est la vie.

Oh, and Gilly takes Sam’s virginity, which is cute. It’s a humorous reversal of roles, in a way. She’s on prime, asks him if it hurts, and so forth. (Go Sam!)

(Also, so much for the vows. Nobody appears to Observe them.)

GoT S5E7 7The March

The 2nd story Within The North is that of Stannis’s 2nd great assault on one of the crucial dangerous man armies.

The First time he was once defeated with the aid of a mixture of factors, Although principally it was once Tyrion and his wildfire that stopped the Baratheon army.

This time it’s the snow. The Military is operating out of meals. Horses are death. Davos Seaworth urges Stannis to show back and Iciness in Fortress Black. But this generally is a Wintry Weather that lasts years, Stannis reminds him. By The Point it’s over, it will be too late.

He makes a just right point, Though as Ramsay Bolton himself notes, the Northerners are used to fighting In The frost; Stannis and his men will not be.

The Pink Lady, Melisandre, has an idea, Although. Stannis must sacrifice those with king’s blood with a view to use her darkish magic and produce victory (Though it hasn’t labored out all that swimmingly prior to now.) The One person within miles that has any is Stannis’s personal daughter, Shireen.

Melisandre urges Stannis to sacrifice his personal daughter to be able to achieve his victory. As A Minimum for now, he refuses her, telling her to get out of his sight.

After his earlier occupation of affection to Shireen, I Can best hope that he continues to be as cussed in his resolve to offer protection to her as he does in his unravel to march—to victory or defeat. Spooky stuff. For being a woman of fireside, Melisandre is one stone-cold…sorceress.

GoT S5E7 9


The last story In The North, which I Started discussing up on the top, is the persevering with trials and tribulations of bad Sansa Stark.

The Woman—Girl Bolton now, I feel—is in dangerous shape, However she’s the bravest and most poised we’ve viewed her but. Her suffering isn’t meant purely as impetus for Theon to shake off his psychological shackles, as some critics urged closing week.

If anything, it’s going to be Sansa’s will, her sheer power of persona and braveness, that ultimately convince Theon to assist her—if he does help her at all. Up To Now he’s simply gotten an old Northern Lady flayed. And if he does help her? She shall be helping him as much, if No Longer more. Theon is a victim, too, we’d do best possible to remember.

But Sansa, despite her torment, is hardly damaged the way in which Theon is broken.

She reminds Ramsay that he’s nonetheless a bastard, that Tommen—who legitimized him—is a bastard, too. He doesn’t seem more than happy about this, And That I shudder to suppose what he’s going to almost definitely do to her later, However she’s obviously No Longer lost her braveness. If the rest, she’s simply now learning how brave and robust she truly is. (So, yeah, weird time for Sansa fanatics to boycott the express. However I digress…)

GoT S5E7 6

Conversing of Tommen, things aren’t going so well in King’s Touchdown.

No One Puts Baby In A Corner

Right Here the inevitable fallout of all of Cersei’s plotting and conniving comes to a head, with No Longer simplest Loras and Margaery in chains, but the Queen Dowager as smartly.

Cersei has been enjoying with hearth, foolishly assuming that the Excessive Sparrow used to be a corrupt ally, when all this time he’s been tricking her into letting her defend down.

It’s interesting that Littlefinger is portrayed because the one calling the shots Right Here again. He provided Loras’s lover to admit against the Knight of Flowers; and now he’s At The Least informing Lady Olenna that Lancel Lannister will do the identical to Cersei.

Either approach, it’s satisfying to look Cersei get a style of her personal drugs. She’s been as vile as ever all season, meddling and meddling and so smug. However she’s achieved extra to weaken her family and intestine the power of House Lannister than any Stark or Baratheon or Martell ever may.

Equally gratifying—or just about so—was once the wonderful trade between the Queen of Thorns and the High Sparrow. This Is The First time Lady Olenna has actually been at a loss, Although I Will’t assist However root for her against the seemingly humble, However very bad, High Sparrow.

The Person is a fanatic, regardless of his simple demeanor and simple methods. He’d bring all varieties of zealotry and horrors to an already horrible world, and the ambitions of his “many” would No Longer only be pampered noble deviants, However many different disenfranchised people In The decrease class as well, irrespective of his Marxist leanings.

The episode attracts to a close with Cersei cursing her captors, locked up in the exact same dungeon she concocted for the Tyrells. what they are saying about Karma.

GoT S5E7 3the most Beautiful Woman on the earth

In Dorne, Jaime confronts Myrcella. He desires to take her house, However she gained’t hear of it. She’s fallen in love with younger Trystane, the Dornish princeling. She’s happier in Dorne the place, rather than a couple of crazy Sand Snakes, issues are reasonably peaceable and incidents of intrigue, murder, and battle are all fairly nonexistent compared to King’s Landing.

In The Meantime, Bronn sings to his prison-mates, the Sand Snakes, and engages in playful banter. Viewers who thought he’d been “killed” through the Sand Snakes’ poison last week can consume their hats. Whereas the promote-sword was indeed poisoned, the girls supply him an antidote before it kills him (thank goodness—Bronn is too great to kill off that way.)

It’s a humorous scene, with gratuitous ranges of HBO nudity/strip-tease. However the entire Dornish story feels a bit anemic still at this point. We can’t languish too lengthy questioning why we’re supposed to care.

GoT S5E7 1Casablanca

The Opposite large second—one that’s danced around Within The books However never in truth happens—is Dany and Tyrion meeting at a small combating pit in Meereen.

Dany has reopened the pits, has agreed to marry the charming Hizdahr zo Loraq, and is thus far refusing Daario’s entreaties to simply kill all of the nice masters and put an finish to the Sons of the Harpy terrorism once and for all. Be bloody, daring, and resolute, he tells her (in so many words.) However she says she’d slightly be a ruler, No Longer a butcher. “All rulers are butchers or meat,” he replies. Ten points to Daario.

Finally, Dany watches one of the crucial fits the place a bunch of slaves who aren’t speculated to be slaves combat every other to the demise to be able to qualify for the true preventing pits. This strikes me as a hugely stupid and inefficient option to run gladiators. Why kill off your personal slaves ahead of they actually have a chance to struggle and make you any money? It doesn’t make sense. The slave owner is just burning money, basically, Not even ready to wager on the winner, or combat his men against the boys of any other slave proprietor. It’s absurd.

Dany thinks so Additionally (ok, no, she’s just disgusted by way of the mindless violence and Now Not in particular swayed by way of Hizdahr’s mewlings about tradition) However then a brand new champion takes the sector. It’s Jorah Mormont, Although she doesn’t realize it but.

He beats everyone fast, as a skilled knight indisputably should, and With Out in truth killing them, and then unearths himself to Dany. Who just took place to be there at this very combating pit, identical to Tyrion just took place to be on the tavern where Jorah was, and this collection of very contrived moments simply maintain coming over Here In The east, away from Westeros.

“Of all of the fighting pits in all the world, she walks into mine,” Jorah quips to himself, we imagine, earlier than he takes the sphere.

GoT S5E7 4The Reward

However Dany is less chuffed to peer Jorah, and almost has him taken away prior to Tyrion displays up.

“Wait!” Jorah begs his queen. “I introduced you a present.”

Tyrion is moderately bold in asserting his presence as mentioned Present. I’m actually excited to look where the show takes their meet-up because it used to be one thing I so desperately wished to happen in A Dance with Dragons and by no means acquired.

The Targaryens and the Lannisters have a slightly… previous. Tywin, Tyrion’s father, ordered the execution of basically Dany’s complete household. There’s no love lost between the two Homes. But Tyrion, as we all know, is a Lannister of a different shade.

 I Think that this just may well be the beginning of a pretty friendship.

All advised, this used to be a terrific, thrilling, worrying episode. After what’s felt in many ways like a complete season of set-ups, we at last get some pay-offs, too.

There Are Many “presents” Right Here to justify the episode’s identify: Jorah’s Present of Tyrion to Dany, obviously. But In Addition Littlefinger’s “handsome younger man.” Additionally Cersei’s bowl of venison for Margaery. Gilly’s Present of intercourse and like to Sam. The land Within The North, the place the wildlings would theoretically stay, is also called The Gift. So many double and triple meanings, just in this simple title.

It’s grand to see Cersei brought low (Though poor Tommen is now really alone) even supposing we guide-readers be aware of what’s coming, or At Least think we do.

A Whole Lot Of nice moments during the hour, and Numerous questions. How will Sansa get away? Brienne desires to return rescue her, But to do this I Believe Sansa will wish to have the option to get via to Theon, prior all that Reek.

I have no clue what’s going to happen in Dorne. And I’m curious as hell to seek out out what occurs between Dany and Tyrion.

Next week can’t come quickly sufficient, Although I once once more dread the top of the season, which is now just three measly episodes away.


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