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Iceland by monster truck

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Iceland Safari organizes driving adventures up several of the country's many volcanoes. Iceland Safari organizes Driving adventures up several of the usa’s many volcanoes.
Beneath Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the waterfall at Seljalandfoss is a 60-meter curtain of icy cascading water that it's possible to walk behind.Under Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the waterfall at Seljalandfoss is a 60-meter curtain of icy cascading water that It Is imaginable to walk in the back of.
Close to Seljalandfoss, the waterfall of Gljufrabui is hidden in a mossy grotto.On The Subject Of Seljalandfoss, the waterfall of Gljufrabui is hidden in a mossy grotto.
The 4x4's giant wheels come into their own on the snow-covered slopes of Eyjafjallajokull volcano.The 4×4’s giant wheels come into their very own on the snow-coated slopes of Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
Tour guide Kiddi lets air out of the tires for better traction on slippery banks of ice and snow.Tour information Kiddi lets air out of the tires for higher traction on slippery banks of ice and snow.
Driving up the side of a snow-covered volcano requires enormous tires equipped with metal studs.Driving up the facet of a snow-lined volcano requires monumental tires equipped with steel studs.
Seen here shrouded in snow, the top of Eyjafjallajokull is best reached by snowmobile or quadbike. Seen Right Here shrouded in snow, the highest of Eyjafjallajokull is best reached with the aid of snowmobile or quadbike.
The slopes of Eyjafjallajokull offer stunning views of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of islands off Iceland's southern coast formed by a series of volcanic eruptions.The slopes of Eyjafjallajokull provide gorgeous views of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of islands off Iceland’s southern coast fashioned by using a collection of volcanic eruptions.
Bardarbunga has been throwing up a spectacular display of boiling magma since August 2014.Bardarbunga has been throwing up a brilliant display of boiling magma On The Grounds That August 2014.
Ground access is limited to Bardarbunga because of toxic gas dangers, but flights can be chartered for incredible aerial views.Ground get entry to is restricted to Bardarbunga On Account Of toxic gasoline dangers, but flights will also be chartered for incredible aerial views.
Retired teacher Gudny Valberg's family farm was engulfed by ash when Eyjafjallajokull erupted in 2010.Retired instructor Gudny Valberg’s family farm was once engulfed by using ash when Eyjafjallajokull erupted in 2010.
Eyjafjallajokull's 2010 eruption led to thousands of flights being grounded and millions of passengers stranded. Eyjafjallajokull’s 2010 eruption ended in heaps of flights being grounded and thousands and thousands of passengers stranded.













  • Volcano safari tours in Iceland contain Driving up Eyjafjallajokull in a large-wheeled 4×4 tremendous jeep
  • In 2010 eruptions from Eyjafjallajokull grounded thousands of transatlantic flights and stranded thousands and thousands
  • Different volcanic points of interest embody Bardarbunga, which has been erupting Because August 2014

(CNN) — Any Individual who rents a automobile in Iceland is right away exceeded a map of the u . s . a . on which lots of the landscape is marked out of bounds.

Any attempt to depart The Principle highway ends up in splutters of indignation from in-automobile GPS devices. This area, the pc complains, is not suitable for the sort of tiny condo car.

Flip Again now.

It’s a tricky name, because the places they do not want us to head in our little vehicles are one of the crucial most desirable on earth.

These are the mighty, brooding volcanoes that dominate Iceland’s skyline.

Some napping, some angrily spewing out rivers of lava and cloudy torrents of ash.

They’re No Longer unattainable to achieve although. Not should you name In The specialists.

For me, this implies assembly Kiddi, an Icelandic guide who possesses an enticing grab of deadpan humor, and an understated passion for his united states’s geological wonders.

Crucially, he also owns a couple of huge 4×4 trucks with tires large enough to crush my whining GPS and the automobile it got here in.

Iceland route (Click to enlarge) Iceland route (Click to enlarge)

Iceland route (Click to enlarge)Iceland route (Click to amplify)

Our goal for the day is Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano with the unpronounceable identify that in 2010 sent plumes of unhealthy silica dust into the ambiance, disrupting European air Go Back And Forth and stranding hundreds of thousands of passengers.

The Principle show is a couple of hours out of Reykjavik, however there are plenty of warmup acts alongside the way.

We inspect Heidmork, a petrified pink lava box beyond the city limits the place early Icelandic highway builders harvested development materials Within The days when less care was once taken over maintaining the country’s topography.

EXTRA: Instersellar Iceland: Exploring deep area’s double

Cascading curtain: Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Cascading curtain: Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Icy stalagmites

We ascend thru clouds of stinking sulfur close to a geothermal energy plant at Hellisheidarvirkjun, earlier acres of volcanically heated greenhouses at Hveragerdi and pause in brief for a photo op at Urridafoss, a semi-frozen waterfall surrounded by means of icy stalagmites.

“Can You see how probably the most sheep take greater dangers grazing right on the threshold?” asks Kiddi, pointing to a few woolly creatures munching on the precipice leading to the waterfall.

I Am anticipating some insight into Icelandic fauna at this point, however that is Not really how Kiddi rolls.

“Stupid animals,” he adds. “The grass tastes the same anywhere they eat.”

In The shadow of Eyjafjallajokull we pause through Seljalandsfoss, a 60-meter spout of meltwater from the volcano’s snow-capped summit.

A treacherously icy path leads in the back of the roaring curtain of water.

Kiddi also takes me to the Gljufrabui, another giant water plume hidden nearby in cavernous mossy grotto.

Then we’re off The Main road and ascending the aspect of the volcano, powering up above the snowline alongside a cinder monitor.

All At Once we veer off into a superb barren region of drifting white powder.

Right Here the enormous studded tires which were thudding the 4×4 alongside the street from Reykjavik come into their very own, sloshing thru iced-over streams and clawing their way up steep banks of snow.

When the wheels start to spin, we stop to let air out of the tires for better traction.

“In The Summertime, you wouldn’t consider what number of vacationers we find stuck out Here,” says Kiddi, shaking his head. “They Believe they may be able to power Right Here in their little automobiles.”

MORE: One the brink of the sector — Iceland’s Westfjords

Under pressure: Tires are deflated for extra traction.
Below pressure: Tires are deflated for added traction.

Geothermal bathing

Prejudices towards small automobiles aside, Kiddi’s hit on an issue dealing with Iceland as it encourages EXTRA visitors to revive an financial system battered via a 2008 banking fall down.

The united states of america is gambling on with the ability to attract tens of millions of visitors in coming years, but there are questions over whether or not the infrastructure of its wild and from time to time bad points of interest is in a position to handling them.

And whereas roaring up the aspect of a snow-coated volcano in a brilliant orange 4×4 might Not seem essentially the most ecological of choices, Within The fingers of professional information It’s a environmentally friendlier choice than unsupervised mass roaming.

It Is crazy fun too, particularly when Kiddi lets me have a go at the wheel.

There can’t be many things MORE thrilling than Using a monster truck across the side of a snow-lined volcano — gunning the engine to crest icy ridges and swerving around large boulders scattered by way of outdated eruptions — and if there are, they’ve almost certainly been illegal since the late ’70s.

We attain the limit for the 4×4, with the volcano’s conical summit rising in front of us.

The Remainder Of the experience, up and over the rim into the now-dormant caldera, requires using Kiddi’s snowmobiles.

Even Though Eyjafjallajokull is our vacation spot lately, itineraries can embrace Other volcanoes reached by using thrilling rides across reputedly impassible landscapes.

There’s Hekla, to the north, overlooking a sea of gorgeous black sand and a geothermal bathing pool.

“Hekla has a lady’s name,” says Kiddi. “And He Or She appears to be like gorgeous, but she has a mood, erupting each 10 or 15 years.”

Others embody Katla, named after a witch and seemingly haunted, and Grimsvotn, Iceland’s most lively volcano, the place a geothermally heated glacial lake sits in a 35-kilometer vast crater.

Then There’s Bardarbunga.

Considering That August, Bardarbunga has been throwing up a dazzling show of boiling magma, giving the aviation industry palpitations however on the comparable time making it Iceland’s freshest attraction.

EXTRA: Descending right into a volcano’s magma chamber

Relaxing in Reykjavik: 101 Hotel.
Enjoyable in Reykjavik: 101 Lodge.

Jay Z’s birthday deal with

As A Result Of the danger from toxic gases (and adverse GPS computers), Ground get right of entry to to Bardarbunga is restricted.

The eruption at the volcano’s Holuhraun lava container can also be Seen from chartered planes or helicopters — Jay Z and Beyonce reportedly made a flyby ealier this month to rejoice the rapper’s Forty Fifth birthday.

It’s this type of dramatic sight that an Icelandair pilot prior this 12 months diverted a flight to give passengers a greater look.

Turning Back to begin our descent of Eyjafjallajokull, Kiddi and i take Within The improbable crystal-clear view of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of islands fashioned off Iceland’s southern coast by a collection of volcanic eruptions.

The youngest island, Surtsey, is only 50 years outdated and is classed as one of Iceland’s several dozen volcanoes.

Even on huge tires, It Can Be a bone-jolting trip all the way down to sea stage — but that’s OK Because I Will be spending the evening at Reykjavik’s boutique One Zero One Lodge (Hverfisgata 10, ReykjavíOkay; +354 580 0101), which has considerably MORE Relaxing geothermal sights (steam room and whirlpool) In The basement.

Earlier Than we head Back to the capital, we call in at a farm nestled in opposition to the base of Eyjafjallajokull.

Here I meet Gudny Valberg, a retired teacher whose household has constructed a roadside customer middle to deal with the influx of tourists keen to see the volcano that in 2010 quickly engulfed their farm in blizzards of ash and introduced a big of the planet to a standstill.

She tells me why she thinks Eyjafjallajokull exerts the sort of pull.

“There Were 10 million affected when it erupted,” she says. “On Account Of this volcano, many people’s lives changed — that they had an additional week of trip, or they had to employ a automotive and pressure for miles, or they didn’t get to a loved one’s funeral.

“Now they wish to see the thing that made that occur.”

The Popularity virtually was a problem, she says, therefore the need to convert a disused desktop store into a visitor heart to keep tourists from Using via her farm and into the valley beyond.

“My husband was once always busy, pulling people out once they acquired stuck in their small automobiles!”

Again in our sizeable 4×4, Kiddi fires up the engine and we hit the street.

Iceland Safari (+354 544 5454) organizes tremendousjeep excursions to volcanoes and Other geological sights across the united states of america.

Aircraft and helicopter flights over Bardarbunga may also be arranged from Reykjavik home airport by means of Excessive Iceland (Vatnagardar 12, Reykjavik; +354 588 1300). – Commute

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