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Nigeria: Atiku – What Does It Really Mean to Be a ‘Political Prostitute’?

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Former vice chairman Atiku Abubakar (file Picture).


The recent announcement By Way Of former vice chairman Alhaji Atiku Abubakar that he has quit the APC, and suspicions that he needs to sign up for the PDP to bid to transform the celebration’s flag bearer in the 2019 presidential election, has led to his critics hurling phrases like ‘serial contestant’ and ‘political prostitute’ at him and his politics.

My aim on this piece is to not defend Atiku However to interrogate what it In Point Of Fact means to be a ‘serial contestant’ or ‘political prostitute’ in our kind of surroundings where the political events aren’t separated By Means Of any ideology or philosophy. In Fact the adaptation between the political events, together with the APC and the PDP, I dare say, is like the variation between 12 and one dozen.

There are a few observations:

One, in a sense, Nigerian political parties don’t qualify to be so known as within the strict feel of the word. What now we have are different political dispositions which are constructed around people and their ambitions. In different phrases, the consistent alignment and re-alignment Inside political parties are usually not different from altering from one political birthday celebration to some other. Politicians, in an environment like ours the place politics usually (no longer just among the many political events) shouldn’t be pushed By Means Of any ideology or philosophy, will be the first to let you know that “there aren’t any everlasting pals in politics, But most effective permanent pursuits”. Is it not ironic that Atiku who started the process that made Jonathan lose the 2015 election By Way Of staging a walkout on the PDP convention is lately believed to have the support of the former President to be the PDP’s flag-bearer? For them, no matter transpired was no longer personal, simply politics. That Is precisely why I now and again sympathize with individuals who put their lives on the road in the intra-canine combat for energy and privileges among the political class.

Two, there’s no distinction amongst our flesh pressers on the subject of hopping from one party to some other or moving from one political alignment to every other throughout the same birthday celebration. Take For Instance Buhari, who is regarded as the epitome of integrity By his supporters. He contested for the presidency on the platform of the ANPP in 2003 and 2007 and then fashioned his own party the CPC in 2011. In 2015 he contested again below the APC (a fusion of a lot of events that integrated his personal CPC). It Is fascinating that Whereas Buhari contested for the presidency of the usa Four Occasions under three different political parties, It’s Atiku who has if truth be told contested for the presidency of the united states of america handiest once (in 2007 when he ran underneath the defunct Action Congress) that’s branded a ‘political prostitute’. Real, Atiku contested unsuccessfully to be the flag bearer of his party twice (in 1993 against Abiola and in 2010 towards Jonathan). However are these In Point Of Fact sufficient to make him a ‘serial contestant’ or ‘political prostitute’? I Feel that because of his identified political ambition, (which he now and again does not manage as well as he should), the collection of Times he in truth contested for the presidency of this u . s . or to be the flag bearer of his party is continuously exaggerated within the public creativeness.

Three, Whereas we faux to be nauseated with politicians who hop from one political birthday celebration to any other on a whim, we regularly think wrongly that the society will reward those who remain loyal to their birthday party – without reference to the changing circumstances of that celebration. For Instance, Dr Ogbonna Onu, the present Minister of Science and Know-how remained faithful to the ANPP until its merger with others to Form the APC. How has the higher society rewarded him for that loyalty? Indubitably in our form of environment, it continues to be debatable whether or not individuals see his sticking with ANPP (even when the birthday party was once shrinking) as evidence of idea or lack of ambition.

4, the lack of overarching philosophy that drives politics and political parties and the ensuing hopping of politicians from one political alignment to another Within their parties or from one political birthday celebration to another, is a reflection of what occurs within the higher society. Within a span of some years, a typical Nigerian business man can have tried his hand on a number of companies, failing in lots of; the average Emeka, Segun or Adamu will have tried to work in a lot of jobs; a couple of will have moved residencies, including relocating in another country (or attempting to do so). While individuals justify these vertical and horizontal movements By arguing that Nigeria is in a state of flux and that folks have no possibility However to negotiate and navigate their survival within the device, they’re quick to condemn politicians who behave exactly as they do. We should look at ourselves within the Mirror! This used to be the message of the late pop icon Michael Jackson in his 1987 hit tune ‘Man in the Mirror’. Whereas It Is ok to extol our octopus-like actions looking for greener pastures, It’s enjoyable to deride politicians who do exactly what we do.

Five, there are a couple of dimensions of integrity and no particular person has ‘integrity’ in all aspects of his or her lifestyles. That Is Why individuals continuously caution towards judging the climate best By its inclement aspect. A equivalent aphorism Through the American writer and historian James Truslow Adams additionally warns us: “There’s a lot good within the worst of us, and so much dangerous in the very best of us, that it in poor health behoves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.” That Is also a warning towards any tendency to have a look at issues in zero-sum terms. For Example Atiku has ‘only’ a Diploma in Regulation from Ahmadu Bello University However his American College in Yola is possibly probably the most very best personal Universities within the united states of america. How Many Nigerians in Atiku’s footwear will face up to the temptation of registering in that University (or even in any College in Nigeria), and ‘graduating’ with top quality honours – and perhaps going in advance to acquire Grasp’s and Doctorate degrees? Is That This no longer a uncommon demonstration of integrity?

Six, it will even be interesting to interrogate at what level ambition becomes inordinate. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is frequently used to extol the virtues of doggedness and no longer giving up amid disasters and unwanted outcomes. Lincoln, who failed in trade in 1831, was once defeated when he ran to turn into a State legislator the next year; in 1843, he ran once more for Congress and was once defeated; he ran again in 1848 and was another time defeated. But he never gave up. In 1855, he ran for Senate and misplaced; he ran for vp in 1856 and likewise misplaced; when he ran for the Senate in 1859 the end result was the same failure. But in 1860, his doggedness paid off as God became to his web page and he was once elected President of the united states. Why can we use Lincoln to show people concerning the virtues of no longer giving up and deride Atiku as a result of he ran unsuccessfully for President as soon as and tried unsuccessfully two or so Instances to turn out to be the flag bearer of his birthday party?

This is identical kind of double same old we now have in relation to preventing corruption. Everybody seems to be preventing against corruption that I incessantly wonder who are left to perpetrate the corruption in the society. Even the roadside automobile mechanic who will swap the new battery for your automobile for his old one if you step out of sight, gets very offended when he talks in regards to the corruption in the society

Seven, a larger Query raised By Using the above reflection is our management recruitment course of and what we must be searching for in our possible leaders. I Think that when you consider that we continuously complain about the quality of leaders we get, we must additionally ask ourselves whether the qualities we extol or condemn all over the leadership recruitment process in reality correlate with what we predict these leaders to accomplish in place of job.

Let me give a easy check right here By Way Of posing two hypothestical questions: Query 1: Assuming you’re given a decision between anyone is corrupt But has the capacity to govern smartly and somebody you understand lacks the capability to deliver But shouldn’t be corrupt, who will you make a selection?

Query 2: Assuming you are given a decision between a Baby-kisser who’s a ‘political prostitute’ (as all our legislators are) However is legendary to have the capacity to take the united states of america to the following stage, will you prefer the man who has remained loyal to just one celebration However has no proven capacity to ship?

Let me underline that i’m not extolling party hopping or corruption. My level is that the features we extol or condemn as we seek for our leaders must have relevance to such leaders’ capability to govern successfully.

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