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Africa: Policies and policymakers – Putting Policies in Place for an enabling environment

On BAP, NJ addresses lack of an adequate policy frameworks for Africa. He further argues that a more decentralized policy will enable local communities to work effectively, employing local expertise whenever possible.

Key messages:

  •     Synergies between oil and gas players and African policymakers will be fundamental in optimizing the continent’s energy transition into low-carbon economies while ensuring financial sustainability.
  •     Transparency, stability, and good governance in particular are of great importance to foreign investors
  •     Government stability plays a huge role in determining whether a country is likely to honor contracts if and when new leaders take power
  •     Africa needs to improve its regulatory policies to create effective and noncomplex master plans that will let the private sector work.
  •     Africa needs policies that will encourage investment, create jobs, and bring prosperity to Africa’s countries and its people.
  •     Africa needs policies that promote intra-Africa trading.

Continental media focus/messaging 

US, Europe audience: Good governance, transparency and stability in African governments is most important to American companies looking to do business on the African continent

Africa audience: messaging to focus: Africa needs improved policies that will encourage and create an enabling environment to empower local communities

Quotes – To be created by Media Guru.

“Countries with better policy frameworks exhibit higher efficiency of investment,” World Bank. Extracted from World Bank, Understanding the Africa Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) Report for 2017.

“When OPEC allies with African producers, it’s like they’re taking out a market share insurance policy, with even small producers adding incrementally to OPEC’s dominance.” – NJ Ayuk.

“There’s more to local content policy than the drafting of it. Local governments must share in the vision and have practical mechanisms for ensuring compliance. Without oversight, local content regulations can be easily “forgotten.” NJ Ayuk.

“No local content policies can be effective without the establishment of a fully empowered government regulatory agency to lead public enlightenment, communication, and education—and to take firm actions against defaulters.” NJ Ayuk.