Extinction Rebellion activists have launched a third day of protests in central London demanding the government tackles the climate crisis.

Almost 600 protesters from the group were arrested on Monday and Tuesday, while prime minister Boris Johnson mocked activists as “unco-operative crusties”.

Police officers yesterday handed out notices across Westminster, where campaigners kept an overnight vigil, in an attempt to reduce the disruption in the capital and concentrate the action on one area.

However, protesters glued themselves to the Department for Transport building and to the underside of a lorry outside the Home Office in defiance of the notices.

‘We’re bringing the youngest lives who will be affected by the climate crisis to the heart of Westminster’

Hundreds of women are staging a mass breastfeeding at the QEII centre near Parliament Square fed their babies outside the to “plead for the lives” of their children.

Lorna Greenwood, 32, who organised the event, said: “We’re bringing the youngest lives who will be affected by the climate crisis to the heart of Westminster.”


Pink octopus ‘kettled’ by police


Meanwhile, police have been spotted marching a pink octopus to Trafalgar Square from Whitehall. 

Whitehall occupation shrinks 


Only a few activists reportedly remain at the Whitehall site as police continue to clear the area. Police have been seen cutting protesters from tents after locking on. 


Elsewhere tents remained on Horse Guards Road, Marsham Street and near to Parliament Square, despite rain and an increased police presence. Trafalgar Square seems to be the most populated site with a large number of tents pitched up. 



Breast-feeding mothers to stage mass “nurse-in”


Extinction Rebellion says it is holding a mass “nurse in” with breastfeeding and bottlefeeding mothers assembling outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre this morning.

Extinction Rebellion ask arrested protesters to refuse bail conditions 


The group is calling on its members to refuse bail conditions if they are arrested. It says this will fill up cells in police stations “so they cannot arrest another rebel to fill it” and will speed up the court process for those arrested. 

Road blocks still in place 


A number roads are still blocked by protesters in central London, TFL said. While Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Bridge have been cleared, Extinction Rebellion activists are still occupying a number of sites including Trafalgar Square and outside Downing Street.

Stanley Johnson to speak at Trafalgar Square


Stanley Johnson, the prime minister’s father, is due to speak at the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square at 11am today. In a message circulated on social media, Extinction Rebellion said Mr Johnson will be taking part in a cross party panel to answer the question: “Can traditional politics rise to the challenge of the climate and ecological emergency?”.

Protesters plan Hong Kong-style occupation of London City Airport


Extinction Rebellion is planning to shutdown London City Airport for three days on Thursday in what it says will be the biggest action of its two-week protest.


Protesters say they will carry out a “Hong Kong-style occupation” of the terminal building by lying, sitting or “glueing-on” in front of the departure or arrivals gates.


Read our travel correspondent Cathy Adams’ report here: 


Number of arrests soars to nearly 600


Police confirmed 49 more arrests last night, bringing the total arrested so far to 580. 

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