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Kenya: U.S. Court to Sentence Ibrahim Akasha

An American court will issue a ruling that could finally dim the lights for Kenya’s most notorious drug trafficking family, when Mr Ibrahim Akasha is brought for sentencing three months after his brother Baktash was handed a 25-year jail term.

Ibrahim, who has already confessed to multiple charges of drug trafficking and obstructing justice by bribing numerous Kenyan officials to evade justice, had during mitigation asked for a lighter sentence, saying he should not be punished for his brother’s crimes.

He could get between 10 years and life imprisonment based on the severity of his crimes, but since his brother was given a 25-year sentence, it is likely Ibrahim will get an almost similar sentence.

Ahead of the sentencing, the prosecution has urged Presiding Judge Victor Marrero to hand Ibrahim a prison sentence similar to the 25-year term that the same judge meted out on Baktash in August.

They added that Ibrahim should also be hit with a fine “greatly in excess of the $50,000 (Ksh5,143,000) minimum” included in federal court sentencing guidelines.


However, while sentencing Baktash in August, Justice Marrero said he would not impose the maximum term of life imprisonment sought by prosecutors due in part to mitigating factors that his lawyers had outlined during the case.

Both brothers opted out of a lengthy trial process by pleading guilty to their crimes and asking for lighter sentences in return.

Baktash and Ibrahim, who are sons to late drug baron Ibrahim Akasha, admitted to attempting to smuggle 99kg of heroin to the US and obstructing justice by bribing Kenyan officials.